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Raviouski is a glorious duck. There are many things about the Raviouski that people do not understand.

A Raviouski is an eyeless duck with extremely soft feathers. Their wings have usually have white tips. Their feathers come in three colours; Pink, Blue, and Yellow. The Raviouski’s beak comes in 3 different colours; Orange, Purple, and Red.

Raviouskis originate from mostly Russia, but the only other countries are Germany and India. They have thick accents based on where they’re from.
A Raviouski from Russia has Pink feathers and an Orange beak.

A Raviouski from Germany has Yellow feathers and a Red beak. They will usually have Black hair instead of White, same goes for the wing tips.
A Raviouski from India has Blue feathers and a Purple beak.

Raviouskis have better relationships with fellow Raviouskis, Dogs, Rebeccas, Julias and Claires. Their romantic life is shared with another Raviouski. German and Russian Raviouskis have the best bond out of all combinations.

Raviouskis enjoy Dogs, Puns, Tea, Dancing, and Drawing. The mainly seek for a Raviouski that shares the same interests, since they can vary.
If get a Raviouski mad, then uh.. I’m not sure how to help you.

Their names do not have to be Raviouski, but can be named other names.
Such as:
and Zeinblurg.
Person: “Hello, Raviouski/Doji/Viclent/Ramao/Zeinblurg.”

Child: “Mommy! Mommy! There’s a {Insert Name here}!!”

Claire: “hAH lOOK aT tHAt bITcH aSs {Insert Name Here}.”
by Raviouski Was Here- July 10, 2018
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