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A degenerative condition of the teeth resulting from neglect of oral hygiene, continuous and abrasive contact from surgical steel (lip/tongue piercings) and chronic use of MDMA. Symptoms include a visibly yellow coloring of the teeth, excessive plaque build-up, and in extreme cases, a receding gum line, loss of tooth enamel, chipping, surface wear, and breakage due to grinding while "rolling."
Man #1: Dude! That girl at the club was totally hot and totally wet for you bro!

Man #2: Yeh she was chill until I was gonna kiss her while we were rollin but she smiled and her teeth were all this nasty, fucked up yellow shit.

Man #1: Ewwgh..For real?? Nasty, man...sounds like a bad case of raver teeth.
by handlebar84 February 13, 2013
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