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Raturday shall now be defined as: a Saturday when the rat shall go out with his fellow animals on a boozy one - most probably 2 da redback tavern - and prowl on women who will more than likely be younger than him, this is becuase the rat, like most of his animal companions is bare dirty and filthy.

only the rat can decide whether a saturday will b declared as a raturday

Raturday is to be used when you and a group of friends all have animal names. one of your group should be given the name of rat as he is cheesy, dirty, filthy and probably has a long tail.

(the redback tavern is a sleezy yet convenient club located in acton)
This saturday is gona b a raturday.

I can feel a raturday coming up.

There's a raturday just over the horizon.

A raturday is blooming this week boys, like a sweet tulip blooming in the early spring.
by Dirty Rat Man March 11, 2010
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