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"Ratchet and Skank" is an insult meant for a pair of assholes who hang around each other nearly exclusively and look for trouble.

Ratchet and Skank are usually, well, ratchet and skank-like and the many varieties can include but are not limited to being rude, bully-like, pretentious, thirsty, argumentative, and dull. They often circlejerk each other as well.

The term is derived from the Ratchet and Clank series of video games, where an alien Lombax and his robot companion travel space and go on adventures.
"Woah-ho, take a look at Ratchet and Skank over there! Last time I saw them they beat up Linda for her bag of Cheeto Puffs."
by DiddlyDerp December 14, 2015
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