A kid normally of the male gender who happens to have a rat tail.
As you can tell by his rat tail his parents either don't care or are hoping he will grow up to be some sort of Jedi Knight such as Obi Wan Kenobi.
Rat Tail Kids take offense to other people making fun of them, and as a result have come up with witty comebacks to retaliate.
Person 1-"Hey Watch Out For Rat Tail Kid."
Rat Tail Kid-"You Guys Are Losers!"
Person 2-"That Was Rude Obi Wan."
Rat Tail Kid-"Go Poop Yourselves!!"
by Fallenhero9205 June 25, 2009
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Mexican children with rat tails that run around thrift stores while their parents are shopping for tapout wrestling shirts. They look homeless and typically wear pizza stained polo shirts. They have gelled up spiky hair and they travel in packs of 3-5 of an age range from 7-12. They're fucking disgusting.
Guy 1: "I hate it when theirs these rat tail kids at goodwill."

Guy 2 "there so fuckin' annoying. They just run around screaming"

Rat Tail Kid "Lick my ass crack Holmes!" *flips you off and runs away screeching*
by Disappointment_D November 4, 2018
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