A disease that stunts the development of the brain. Named after patient zero, whose first name is not on record. Brain development comes to a complete halt at age three months. Ratpiss Disease is typically diagnosed at birth. Ratpiss Disease is also contagious, but it is contracted from a victim of the disease sticking their entire tongue down your throat. If contracted, Ratpiss Disease will halt the brain development, but will not regress development. Symptoms of Ratpiss Disease are speaking in short, incomplete sentences that make absolutely no sense what so ever, illegible handwriting similar to that of a stroke victim, wrist aneurysms, and constant raging erections, as if you popped six pills of Viagra.
Ratpiss Disease is a very rare disease with fewer than 0 cases a year.
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by Ratpiss_ September 06, 2018
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The last dregs of an assortment of (usually hard) liquors, all combined in one bottle to make enough booze to get properly drunk. it’s like cold duck but for hard liquors. Taste can range from okay to horrendous. An invention borne out of convenience so you don’t have to haul twenty almost-empty bottles to a DIY show. Also useful if you’re nicking booze from somebody and you don’t want them to notice, so you just take a tiny bit from each bottle.
Man, pass the rat piss, I drank through all the beer i brought.
by yllowyllow August 29, 2018
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The lst half inch of the beer. Usually gets warm and unpleasent.
danny-you gonna finish that?
daniel-nah it's only the ratpiss *poors out the last half inch of beer*

(also used by people who can't drink)
by dylan. September 18, 2007
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