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1. A person who tries to create a Rasta image by going to a shop and picking anything that is red, yellow, and green that will make their scenester friends jealous. Usually kids who saw someone (probably from a lame ass band) with a Bob Marley shirt on.

2. A person who claims to know everything about the Rastafarian culture but their only "knowledge" about it is dreads, weed, acoustic guitars, red, yellow and green apparel, and Bob Marley.

3. A person who want dreads (just like their idol Bob Marley) but cannot get them because their mommies don't want to pay a large amount of money for them to get done.

These kids are easy to spot out because they almost always overdue the Rasta colours and Bob Marley merchandise.

It is not cool to being a Rastaphony.
Conformist 1-"Oh dude this Rasta hat is tight. Oh and these Rasta bracelets are fuckin' sick! That rasta sweater over there is beast!"

Conformist 2-"OMG! Look at that Bob Marley shirt! Dude look at that Bob Marley poster! This peace sign necklace says "One Love" lets get it!"

by anticonformists April 12, 2010
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