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n. This less familiar move involves taking a woman against her will and violently forcing your penis down her larynx. Once the your penis has been fully inserted down her throat she will begin to gasp desperately for air at which point your penis may begin to dislodge. In order to prevent ejection, you should then unsheathe your knife and stab it into her throat piercing both the throat and the penis, which will remain stuck there for the duration of the experience.
"Hey Richard have you talked to Tiffany today, she sounds a little hoarse I think she has a pretty bad cold."

"No she's not sick, she was just acting out of line last night and Tim had to give her the Raspy Jasper."
by JasperWellington October 05, 2011
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dude, when i was washing my sack i accidently left the soap in ,now i totally have a raspy jasper
by Mike Culver June 24, 2003
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