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A Rascoon is the product of the mating process between a Raccoon and a Skunk. The first of these animals were created in a laboratory in New Guinea in the year 1989 when a scientist, which name was kept from the public, decided to try and replace the Skunk race with this newly created animal. Despite the many calculations that were made before the mating/gene manipulation process, the experiment did not yield expected results. The Rascoon ended up having its excremental functions mixed with the Skunks defensive functions resulting in the secretion of a strong foul fluid (the skunks def. mech.) during the animals excremental process.

This wasn't of much importance until the scientist took note that the molecules from the Rascoon's foul odor were significantly stronger than that of a Skunk's. This would make the Rascoon faint every time it would secrete the liquid. Further studies revealed that the "fainting-odor" as it was now referred to, also made irreversible damage to their brains by killing numerous brain cells when inhaled, making the Rascoon into, what can be referred to as, a retarded animal. They have a life-span of about 1/4 compared to that of a normal Raccoon's/Skunk's due to the brain sell damage it inflicts on itself. Despite their short-lived lives, they were able to reproduce and spread through out the world. Most people don't know about this animal so when they encounter one, they will assume it's a Raccoon, a Skunk or enter a confusion between the two.
Some people may refer to themselves as Rascoons because they share the same complications as the animal and feel misunderstood.


A person goes into the bathroom to begin their excremental process, when begun a strong foul odor is released as well. When inhaled, they faint.

After this occurrence happens more than five times and the person feels that it's harder to do simple things through out the day, they go to a doctor to see what may be wrong with them.

After the doctor hears the explanation from the patient, he proceeds to inform him/her that there is nothing that can currently be done and suggests wearing an oxygen mask while using the bathroom to reduce the amount of dead brain cells. He also tells the patient about the animal named Rascoon.

Person leaves the office and goes to eat lunch with a friend.


Friend: "So how was the doctor visit? Did he figure out what's wrong with you"?

Person: "Yeah... I'm a Rascoon =/".
by Publix February 28, 2011
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