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JordansBulls decided to start some threads (something he does quite often) before a season, I think it was the 08-09 season, all based on voting who would finish where in the standings, and then voting on the playoffs after that. Kinda like predicting the season before the season.

Of course JB decided it would be a good idea to base everything on votes in the polls. And didn't have the foresight to realize things would be skewed by fanbases that are better represented on here, like the Raptors.

Naturally, when it came time to vote on the playoffs, the Raps won every series they were in, in 4 games, and went on to win the Finals. Toronto Raptors, RealGM NBA champions.
Commenter 1: Who's going to win the NBA championship Mavs or Heat

Commenter 2: Raps in 4

*Commenter 1 behind his computer screen shaking his head*

Commenter 1: SMH Fucking Raptor fan
by VCBOSHRAPTORS June 01, 2011
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