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A creepy male that you meet at park whistling at your daughter, your wife, and your daughter's friends. When you go to kick his ass, he ACTS like his brother didn't fuck your daughter even though he actually did and his brother lies straight to your face. As the night goes on, the cops track you down and your daughter and her friends and your wife all hide in bushes, you leaving them and go the rapeo's house where he hits on your nephew's girlfriend. Then, you leave him, and slowly and creepily he follows yo ass. Then, you leave the rapeo and later you go outside and walk around, and he's outside hiding in the dark because he's a RAPEO.
"Look at that guy trying to hide by that house even though he's in plain site, he's a total rapeo dude.
by Ki-yah-na September 06, 2008
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One who, due to a seedy appearance or desperate demeanor, is believed to engage in rape. This is only used to describe a person who looks like they would rape. Upon doing so, they would then become rapists.
"Who's that guy with the greasy hair, bald spot, and spandex bike shorts?"

"He's a rape-o. Fo' sho."
by J. McDermand December 02, 2007
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