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Rape milk is used to fight off the KKK's(Krazy Kool Kids) creation...INSOMNIA. Rape Milk is obtained by terminally ill seaguls' tears or urine if lucky. Rape milk can be used or added to any recipe to make a new delicous rape delight. Ex. Rape Cake, Rape croissant, Rape Steak, Rape Nacho, and the childrens favorite Raperdoodle Cookies. For the California residents there is als In-n-Out Double Double Rape.
One can call onto a terminally ill seagul by laying down, crossing, your legs and rubbing your nipples in the Austrailian motion. You must also pucker your lips and smile wwhile wwaiting for the terminally ill seagull.
*WARNING* One musn't watch teh terminally seagull fly in and bless ur lips with rape milk or else one will get raped and not recieve rape milk.
1)hey i cant sleep.....i thinhk i need RAPEMILK

2)hi can i get a double double rapeburger animal style
-Raped animal style?
-No just the sauce over my double double rape burger

3) Mommy i think we're gonna get santa to stay over a night this year
-Awwww what makes you say that?
-i left a plate of cookies n cream rape, and rape milk for him.
by spankmepink-o January 04, 2011
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