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The act of saying to your mother that you may have accidentally gotten your cat pregnant. You see there is a much deeper meaning behind this. Say you just had some bomb ass Fruty Pebbles and you just get a raging boner. You can't just not leave it there and wait for it to go away. That would be a waste. So you are looking saying to yourself about how in god's name are you gonna get rid of this breakfast erection. You look in your fridge and boom, stick of butter. You grab the stick of butter and fuck it. Now your saying to yourself something like "Ok I just raped some butter but how am I going to get rid of this breakfast boner?" Then you hear a meow. It's your cat. You look at it and it stares back at you. The cat acknowledges the situation and turns around. Then with your dick stuck in the butter you apologize to your car and then you fuck it. You just rape-buttered your car and now you have to tell your mom what you just did. Rape-butter isn't the action of raping your cat with butter it's the act of apologizing for doing so to your mom and only your mom it doesn't work with dads or dogs or any butter substitute.
1 Son: Mom I'm sorry but I may have accidentally rape-buttered the car.
Mom: Did you use a butter substitute?
Son: No.
Mom: Then it's ok.
by Apologizing May 13, 2017
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