Rap3- Originated from Kamalinda whom was the best gunner in LW 02-05. "Rap3" was directed to an opposing team member if his ass was getting torn up and couldn't get out of their spawn. "Rap3"- verb: Rap3!!!!!!!!
Rap three is the same as Rap3.

2. Rap3 is also a guitar made by Rokaxe

Yo im gonna rap3 your whole team you n00bs.
by Kamalinda December 23, 2005
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Mean's "RAPE" not the sexual way, kind of like the word, pwn, or owned. To totally destory somebody in some sort of game, the word rape is mostly used in Halo 2. Also, when not wanting to say rape, you can say RAP3 (Rap Three)
OMFG, I no scoped you! RAP3
by II Kilik II October 3, 2005
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