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Talented. Funny. Dangerous when seriously offended. Supportive. Too trusting. Adorable. Did I mention funny? I meant punny. Self-deprecating. Can go to extreme levels on both sides--- selfless and selfish, tranquil, then a tempest. Reasonable and sensible, then wonderfully awry and wild. Falling to pieces before she rises again, no cracks at her sides. Spitting fire and pain and frustration about those around her. Before she settles and slumps into quiet, enduring loyalty.

High pitched voice, that one can recognise from a mile away. It goes a little like 'AHHHHHHHH'. Other catchphrases include a muttered 'jfc' with a shake of her head.

Likes to shake her hair out a lot, if you didn't know that already.

A wonderful coder. Diabolic schemer. A tough but to crack. Beautiful. Complicated. Or maybe not so much.

She falls in love like she breathes.

Infuriating, and so, so lovely.
Ranice is a good person.
by I write about all of you December 22, 2014
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