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The Range Rover Classic was built from 1970-1996 and designed by David Bache. Made by Land Rover, a British car manufacturer headquartered in Gaydon, United Kingdom which specialises in four-wheel drive vehicles. Classics are the most classiest of classiness. Classic drivers actually signal to change lanes or turn and go into the left lane when making a left turn. Range Rover Classic (formally known as Country) drivers know their stuff. Really awesome people drive Range Rover Classics. They are really skilled at off- road driving and use Hella headlights to light the way. If you see a Classic coming down the road, you stop and stare because you can't miss it's amazingness. Classics that are really awesome usually have tinted windows and black steel wheels. If they are even more awesome than awesome, they will be splattered with mud from all the sick off- roading they've been doing. Can be seen at British field meets and hauling butt up a hill.
Thomas: Did you see that awesome girl driving that awesome Range Rover Classic?

Eric: Yeah. I'd date her...
by RRLover October 13, 2010
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