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Randyman spends most of his time in indoor habitats. The general temperature in which he prefers is roughly 65 degrees fahrenheit with low humidity. His main diet consists of whiskey and vodka. He also smells like Mac'n cheese.

WARNING: Please approach the Randyman with caution. Randyman tends to facebash objects and other human beings at random. At this time it currently unknown as to what causes him to facebash. More scientifical studies are underway as scientists predict that they will have a better understanding about this violent behaviour that is causing the world so much grief.

1961 facebashed John F. Kennedy
1970 facebashed his wife
1974 facebashed a gas station clerk
1976 facebashed the leader of a bowling team
1994 facebashed his way out of prison
1996 facebashed a fire truck
1998 facebashed Willy Wonka
2001 facebashed the twin towers
2002 facebashed the stock market
2011 facebashed Garrett
Garrett: I have a gun and I will kill everyone in this bank if you don't hand over the money.

Randyman: Put down the gun, your unibrow is making people throw up and go blind.

Garrett: You asked for it!

Randyman: *facebashes Garrett* He got what he deserved now everyone can go home safely.

Bank clerk: Omg Randyman is so sexy!
by iHateWindstream November 14, 2016
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