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Randula-Koswatte is one in a million and a legendary Sri Lankan singer. She is like a shooting star in all it's glory. People look up to her and wish upon her. Legend has it that she gave humans feets and the ability to dance, in style!

Beware, do not look directly at her! If you see her death glare, dying would seem a better option! Feel free to look at her through the uber cool Yellow Shades which was invented by a little boy named Michael. Legend has it that these shades were stolen by the notorious criminal, WATANABAY EMASHAMA SILVAMA.

NEVER to be found again.
I will Randula-Koswatte you! (refers to the death glare)
I need the Randula-Koswatte Shades (refers to the shades that can make anything look nice)
by JayyyyyyBeeee April 07, 2011
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