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Random Rambling and Spontaneity Disorder, also known as RRSD, is a social disorder in which an infected person suffers from excessive oral diarrhea, confused thoughts and impulsive actions.

RRSD is highly contagious, and is transmitted through any form of communication. It affects mainly people between the ages of 10 to 30.

So far no cure has been found, but many studies are being performed to find the cure to this horribly awkward and uncomfortable disease.

The disease was discovered on May 29th, 2011, by two high school students in Portland, Oregon.
Joe: "Hi my name is Joe, what's your name, wow I like your shoes, is it getting hot in here? I think I'm wearing too many sweaters, do I look fat in this shirt, WOAH it is really hot in here!"

Doctor: "I do believe this man has Random Rambling and Spontaneity Disorder (RRSD)."
by Dr. Koolkat May 29, 2011
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