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The act of getting completely smashed or high and proceeding to be completely obnoxious. Signs of someone being randall'd are screaming out embarrassing facts about yourself in bars, being loud in quiet places, and thinking girls are intrested in you when they are obviously not. Typically during this state, the way to hit on girls is to initially call them a cunt and hope they are desperate with daddy issues. Consequences of being Randall'd include friends avoiding you, decrease in sex life while increase libido, and everyone thinking you're a sloppy douchebag.

Can be used as an adjective, adverb, or verb.
1. I can't believe you threw up on that dog last night, you were totally randall'd.

2. Some sloppy kid just called my girlfriend a cunt, he must've been randall'd.

3. You trying to get randall'd tonight?
by JacknBud May 10, 2011
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