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A sex act in which a male is banging a female type doggystyle and when he is about to cum he pulls out and gets a ranch bottle ready for action. At that moment, he begins to dump ranch all over the female types upper/lower back and ass as if he is droppin' an outstanding jizzbomb load all over her. Prep: Make sure to have the ranch at least at room temperature. Also, make sure you get the biggest bottle of ranch you can find. Might have to make modifications to the ranch bottle so it pours the ranch out at a prime rate.
"I have that bitch the ranchini with the nigger family sized bottle of ranch."
"Leeroy: Yoooooo nigha, I gave dat bic da ranchini but with dat dere sweet baby rays nigger BBQ sauce...ya nigha ran out of Stubb's."
by ScorchingTurkey May 28, 2013
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