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A person who is very good looking and smart. He is a born father and will never cheat ona girl. He is the best at math. He is always an Indian. He loves sports and is great at cricket
Wow ! What a six he is a Ramnik
by Hi I rock January 11, 2018
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A very big man, weighs usually from 150-300 pounds. Also, a weird Indian man with a small penis, usually likes to have sex with men 30-40 years older than himself. Good at math, and will probably be either a male prostitute, a tech support man, or an engineer.
BRYNN: OMG EW that guy over there is doing another guy but he is like 100!

ISAC: Don't worry, he is just a Ramnik, stay away from them, they are too dangerous even just to look at.
BRYNN: Thanks!!! You're a lifesaver!!
ISAC: I know I am #mexicanswag
by Ramnik Komal January 12, 2015
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A person who is kind, respectful, sweet and shy. It is a person who is a Indian man who loves soccer and very sensitive and never likes to get In fights. He is very smart and would never cheat on a girl.
Who is he ‘oh it’s just a Ramnik’
Ok thanks.
by Thebeast4532 August 09, 2017
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