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1) A Rammstein groupie, usually no older than fifteen, who thinks she knows German because she heard "Du Hast", thinks she knows the band's backstories, songs, and their translations, and meanings, and constantly thinks about fucking one, a few, or all of the band members, and her main purpose for attending their concerts is to try and get into some Rammstein pants or wish she could some more.

2) A teenie-scenie tryhard who shops at Hot Topic (which sold out ages ago, and has nothing to do with Rammstein), looks like scene shit, and thinks they know everything about Rammstein and their music. Also might be observed mentioning they enjoy Bullet for my Valentine, Simple Plan, and fucking BOTDF. Shit like that.
Rammslut: ZOMG TILL IS SO HAWT, I WANNA FUCK HIM AND PAUL AND FLAKE AND THAT OTHER GUY SOOOOO BAD, I <333 dis nazi marching music, bich your jus jeluz dat im so sc3n3, i know german, I no wat du hast means zomg doz mai eyelinr look ok lol RAMMSTEIN 5EVR <333

Actual 'Steinhead: smh... *gets ejaculated on by liquor-shooting dildo* Dude.... that was the most industrious thing I ever experienced. JAAAAA RAMMSTEIN IST SO GUT. And just for the record, they are in no way Fascist. Stupid Rammslut.
by Poltergeist00 May 02, 2013
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