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A small device used in the Mattel game "Don't Break the Ice." It replicates a small hammer that re-tracks back and forth @ 124 revolutions/minute. The purpose of the Rammer Hammer is to knock out the standing blocks that you stack before the game begins (similar to Jenga but the blocks are stacked up as a wall instead of a tower).

The Rammer Hammer can also be used as a sexual device used on a female's clitorous operated by a male counterpart. Most females will not agree on using the Rammer Hammer when presented by a male. In situations where confrontation is sure to occur, males can hide the device and pull it out while performing other forms of oral sex. Make sure the female cannot see her lower body when pulling the device out.
Use the Rammer Hammer to knock out the blocks.

I slipped in with the Rammer Hammer and she was pleasantly surprised!
by And1Hag September 26, 2010
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1. A joint or cigarette rolled of the butts or roaches of smoked spliffs (tobacco & marijuana mixed).

2. A joint rolled of a mix of marijuana roaches and cigarette butts.
We stayed up all night and ran out of smokes and weed, so we scavenged the ashtrays and rolled a savage rammer hammer.
by unquashable January 29, 2009
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