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Ramglish is a language invented by a small clique of people in a chatroom on the P2P prog called SLSK. It was invented sometime towards the end of 2001. It was born out of a Polish user named RAMHER666 (he constantly changes his name, but usually has 'ram' in it) who could barely speak English and to this day struggles with the difference in grammar. Many regular users over the years have used this style and adapted their own styles into it. It is helpful due to having a more lax wording and grammar system. Many newbs come in and assume everyone is retarded, which is great. We believe in 10 years time 70% of the World will need to speak Ramglish in order to function in Society.
Ramglish: AM NOW GANJA CLOUD. dont care yor. SHUTDOWN THE FACE. im/am look (insert astute observation here). get down foggot. AM 0 GANJA LEFT FUUUUUUUUCK. WHOS IS THATS FUCKIN FUNNY BOY. RESPECT BASTARD. etc
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