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French Actor, there is no exact date of birth known but rare interviews with the shy artists hint on him being born in the early 80s to the sound of Duran Duran´s "She´s a Maniac".
He debuted in the late 90s in french and portugese telenovelas in which he often acted as a young male with a dark, mystical side. According to many yellow press articles on his person it was him, who then decided to pioneer in the upcoming french coming out of age movie scence that focuses on ridiculous stories with a serious background, famous movies as "Meet The Lemures" feature Óene as a young lemure that has lost his parents and therefore decides to become a giraffe with all consequences that are implied. Spielberg himself, Cameron and Michael Bay have already tried to contact Òene for sequals on their famous movies like e.g. "Schindler´s List", "Titanic 3" and Transformers - Before We Were Bots (a prequel to the Transfomer Universe that will be screeened in 2018), but since the actors identity remains a mystery - he lives somewhere in the french alps - this might take time to be realised in future.
His world famous, extraordinary lifestyle has created the meme "To have an Òene", which can be loosely translated into "to take a time out for sth."
"Mom, Dad, I have decided to have an Ralph Óene since the study was so hard."

"I have decided to have Michael Jordan Ralph Óene, since his latest game performance was really weak."
by André Nymous May 14, 2013
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