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The name of a sweet girl who thinks of everyone before herself and has a childish sense of humor. Her personality is also that of a child's, giving her a unique appeal to her more mature friends.

Rakiaa is a Russian made name, but has a way of making it to Japanese culture. Although anyone who was given it normally has light coloured hair, unlike most Japanese people. They always have a cute smile or pout on their face unless when their feelings are hurt.

This girl cares about everyone around her, is unafraid of threats, gives advice, would help with homework, make friends with anyone, but tends to ignore those heart flittering feelings anyone has for her.

Rakiaa is normally smiling, skipping, dancing, singing, socializing, playing games, swimming, running, snacking on cookies, being a kid, enjoying life, and learning medical.
'Rakiaa will never realise he likes her, will she?'
'Nope. Probably not.'
by CrissCrossRoad September 12, 2011
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