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Rakayla is a exotic name. She is one of the most popular girls at school. A big heart is what she has and puts everybody before herself. She is cute, always has jokes, and easy to talk to. Most of the time she is a giggly person. She has a natural beauty that stands out. Her perfect smile is what brings enchants everyone to be her friend.
Guy1: Hey did you know rakayla donated to charity.
Girl 1: Oh yeah of course I did she is so popular.
by Chelsea elips April 04, 2018
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You are lucky if you ever meet a Rakayla, she has a very unique name. She is so beautiful and smart. She is incredible at math and science. Usually tall with straight, blond hair. She has a very fond sense of humor and can make you feel happy during the toughest of times. She is incredible! She loves music and does dance and choir.
Look at her, she is so strong and beautiful, she must be a Rakayla.
by Heyoeveyoneluvyaqueen May 25, 2018
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rakayla is a selfish little 11 year old and she likes all the boys including girls
rakayla is so selfish ewwww!!!
by peacan girl December 19, 2017
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