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The most beautiful women u will ever meet. her eyes sparkle in the moonlight, and she has the most fruitful breasts. And a nice small ass. She is the most wonderful and nicest person you will ever meet. Also even though most of her friends are guys u can trust her that she will not cheat on you. And a wonderful personality.
Rakaya you are so nice,
by rakayalover1 December 20, 2008
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1.To have beautiful eyes which shine in the moonlight like 1000 stars.
2.To be wonderful person with a nice personality, also to have very kind and pretty.
3.Someone who can sing but is also very self conscious about her voice but only sings to her besst friends.
4.This person also loves penguins. =
also this is a girl
5. a rakaya also has amazingly big breasts which make all the others girls crazy cause they are jealous of a rakaya's boobies.
omg she's such a rakaya I'm so jealous.
Shes such a rakaya that she drives me crazy.

I hope that girl is a rakaya.

Rakaya Rakaya i hope shes a RAKAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Monkeycraztyrakaya December 21, 2008
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