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Pronounced: (Rah-hah-day-shoo-shoo) A South American God of the Sun and unripe Coconuts. Raja De Xiushuu is a giraffe like creature who's front half of his/her body is golden like the sun and the back half of the body is deep blue and has a dragon like tail. He/She only feeds upon tree goats that bloom from the common South American plant: Xicoatcol (Dioneae Caprahircus). At the start daylight savings time, there is a festival that is held in smaller villages in rural parts of the country. During the festival the locals offer ripe coconuts to its two guardian death turtles. In turn the turtles defecate out two golden nuggets that Xiushuu immediately injests up. These nuggets, when they hit the intestines of the Xiushuu, the glow with a mighty fury, and a fury so fierce the day becomes longer. There have been many sightings of the Xiushuu, the first recorded ones date back to around 1600 b.c. but it is said that there were plenty of other non-recorded sightings before then. As of late Xiushuu sightings have become more commonplace and are believed to be the explanation for the rapidly decreasing tree goat population.
Jeff: Dude! have you seen Raja de Xiushuu?
by Your's Truly: Tom Clancy October 21, 2009
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