A baddie. All the boys fall in love with her. She is so good at singing. Everyone wishes they were her. All the boys DM her, but she's such a baddie that she lives them on open.
My friend and I like to go to church and praise our one and only savior Raini Rodriguez.
by urmomshouse April 14, 2019
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raini rodriguez is such a skinny legend.. ugh i wish i could be like her..
by raini rodrugiez February 7, 2019
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The best singer of all time.

Won over 42 grammys.

Named the most skinniest bitch in the world.

She has an unique voice that will seduce everyone.

She is an idol and an icon that most of today’s female artist like to copy.
Omg look at Raini Rodriguez! She won over bitchoncés man!
I love Raini Rodriguez, her voice is so angelic...
by messymess April 7, 2018
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