5 definitions by urmomshouse

The fruitiest wrestler you will ever meet. He also has a fat ass
I wish I was as thick as leito
by urmomshouse December 15, 2021
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A girl who likes to play OG games. She likes anime.... She's a robloxian...She's pretty rude but you don't let her get to you. O and she's a vegetarian. Sometimes she like to make weird noises.
Stop being so mean, i'm worried your becoming a Bronwyn, and we all know thats not good.
by urmomshouse April 14, 2019
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A baddie. All the boys fall in love with her. She is so good at singing. Everyone wishes they were her. All the boys DM her, but she's such a baddie that she lives them on open.
My friend and I like to go to church and praise our one and only savior Raini Rodriguez.
by urmomshouse April 14, 2019
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ur moms house
robloxian account: Magicpeach719
i like to hang out at ur moms house.
by urmomshouse April 14, 2019
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