A type of kink involving vomit. Could be inducing barfing or playing with barf.
I have lots of kinks but Rainbow Play isn't one of them
by Stellaella August 29, 2019
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A bunch of girls and guys get together. The girls put on different colours of lipstick.

The boy with the most colourful penis at the end of the night wins.

It's playing rainbow
Yeah dude, Rob totally had 7 different colors on his dick, Tony only had 5. Playing rainbow was awesome
by Tarabitches June 29, 2007
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when a guy or a teenager ask to play rainbow he will buy you different color lipstick so you can suck his dick/penis if a girl says it she wants you to suck her pussy/vagina which means shes a lesbian or is bi
javon: wendy!!! play rainbow
wendy: no i dont play rainbow that fool nasty ass!!
by pook99 February 13, 2014
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