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When 2 lesbian or bisexuals buy some skittles, and then pour the skittles into each others vagina and eats them out, resulting in extreme pleasure and amazing taste that lasts days.
Guy1: dude me and my gf were talking about awesome uses for food.
Guy2: Really? Name your favorite.
Guy1: Well I heard about this one girl who poured skittles into her pussy and had some hot chick eat them out. I call it "the rainbow hotpocket"
by African Tacoman December 27, 2010
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The Rainbow Hotpocket is a novelty sexual intercourse activity. The male eats an extra hot curry, prior to consuming a valium. Once the curry has been digested and the valium has taken effect, one proceeds to climb a ladder naked, strategically placed next to a bed, on which a female lies also nude. With an erection, the male launches from the ladder and takes a shit (preferably very runny) without the females consent (and hopefully without realising) in mid air. On arrival, the male enters the female (velocity varies on weight to gravity math). In a brisk, but controlled motion, the male flips the female into a straddling/cowgirl position. If all goes as planned, the horrible running shit that exited the male at the top of the ladder will land on the females back. Once the female realises what has just occurred, she will leap off the male in disgust (maybe). At that point, it is imperative that the male shouts at the top of his voice in a celebratory manor the phrase, 'cunty bollocks trouble amongst!' Before the female has a chance to confront the male of his recent action, the male grabs the ladder and smacks the female in the face with it.
Man you should have seen the other night, I totally gave this bitch a rainbow hotpocket! I'll give you back your ladder soon bro.
by Mr flappy February 06, 2011
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