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A specific disease linked that started with a girl named Brittney.First symtoms are having a craving for making a home videos,having a huge craving for lollypops and putting them in unique places. Also having an evil laugh(Like a hihena perhaps).Also you may have a side effect that results with a burning sensation called fire crouch
Man with all the stuff we did we must have rainbow aids.
Why are you laughing like that you must have munoz fever.
Another nickname for rainbow aids are sunshine fever,lollypop disfuntion disorder,Munoz fever and fire crouch.
by Truth_Teller guy February 23, 2008
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It is a disease that is horrible, it is aids, but they move so fast, you die in only 4 years, instead of the 8 from regular aids
He died in only 4 years, must have had rainbow aids
by brianthetruthtellerguy March 11, 2008
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