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The absolute most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Smart, kind and very funny.
P1: Bro I would literally cheat on my girlfriend to be with that beautiful girl over there!

P2: I think her name is Railee!
by BOI IF YOU DON'T GET December 01, 2016
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She thinks that if she keeps in her emotions she wonโ€™t hurt otherโ€™s feelings. She is the most selfless person there is. She is very sensitive and can break down with one word since she has been through a lot but she wonโ€™t let anyone know that she is upset, she will put on a brave face and tell everyone she is fine but she is not fine. If you know a railee be there for her and donโ€™t let her go because you will regret it.
Get you a Railee because everyone needs one in there life.
by i bought a chicken May 19, 2018
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