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Raija's are typically party girls with fleeky eyebrows and six pack abs. They like eating peppers and grinding on boys. Their favorite day is Saturday because they get to let loose and drop that ass.
Look at that girl ass dropping, she must be a raija!
by Velvet meatballs December 08, 2016
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A Raija is a mythical creature who stalks and then attracts gay guys into her lair to prove that they are indeed gay. AKA a silly bitch. :p
Gay guy: *runs in sobbing*
Tessa: what the hell happened to you?!
Gay guy: I was lured into a Raijas lair... She did thing to me.
Tessa: did u like it?
Gay guy: ... *smiles* I dunno
by Quigav18 March 05, 2014
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