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The vitriolic anger, hate, and rage expressed by CONservatives, rethugliCONs, teabaggers, and libercarelessians towards any progressive, liberal, or moderate person, idea, or policy initiative, especially if elected, to office, expressed in the "liberal" media, or enacted into law.

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eric erickson, an ex CNN right wing blowhard and now a Faux Noise right wing blowhard, boted as his last act of CNN commentary that the GOP has become known for it's ragism towards gun safety, women's rights, immigrants, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, President Obama, birth control, abortion, Lilly Ledbetter, Susan Rice, Obamacare, Benghazi, the Violence Against Women Act, public education, voting rights, health care, victims of rape, Planned Parenthood, blacks, Latinos, unemployment compensation, food stamps, ACORN, the 47%, liberals, workers, unions, science, teachers, the poor, sex education, green energy, climate change,
by MCM No 1 February 21, 2013
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