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More commonly known as the "Fist of Rage" or "Devil's Right Hook" (or left hook, for those fateful 10%), The Rage Fist is a psychokinetic attack, normally the summation of all the suffering the assailant has incurred in one or more lifetimes.
The rage fist has been observed to be manifested when directly provoked, physically or verbally, but is in no way premeditated. Much like instinct, it is a reflex attack, done out of haste or, as noted, out of Rage.

A direct hit has been known to not break, but *shatter* human bone, or permanently impair organ function. psychological effects have not been determined.

The parts of the body most vulnerable to the Rage Fist are the Sternum, the diaphragm, and the face. Care should be taken to avoid blows to the back, as paralysis is a possibility.

Crime Scene Investigator: "So can you tell me what happened to the victim?"

Inspector: "This man was not the victim."

CSI: "How do you know that?"

Inspector: "It's the way the face is concave. It's not like any other blunt force trauma, bone is smashed into bone here. This was done out of self-defense, and only the Devil knows what this man did to deserve this."

--overheard conversation at undisclosed crime scene.

*rage fist*
by I teach to those who learn January 19, 2009
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Penetration of the vaginal canal and anal cavity with both fists, allowing the knuckles to be felt by each other, through the dividing membrane.
You mom is so dirty that I spent all night rage-fisting her!
by PFDD May 19, 2008
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While having rage in a game of quake 3 one takes out the gauntlet and runs around trying to kill people with their fist for the rest of the match.
Kyle is rage fisting again.
by gak September 14, 2006
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