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An underground remixing group that mostly remixes Juggalo music such as Insane Clown Posse (ICP) Twiztid eta. Rage of Hell (ROH) is formaly known as Insane Demon Posse (IDP). ROH is consisted of two members Juggalo-Rex and Juggalo-Dragon². No ROH or IDP music has been released yet Rage of Hell hates fucking copyright and will release the music via bit-torrent sites (if they could figure out how and when some more music is created). Also Rage of hell isn't planning to be a DJ or band they are planning to become video game programmers. ROH has a strange curse and can't get a girl-friend. ROH goes to east high school Cheyenne Wyoming (Juggalo-Rex calls Cheyenne the resurrection of silent hill)


-2006 Pac's Life Juggalo-Rex Remix
-Freek Show Juggalo-Rex remix
-Great milinko Insane Demon Posse mix
-Juggalo-Rex's remix album vol1
-Phenomenal Phantom (THE 7TH JOKERS CARD)
-The Wraith_ Hell's Pit Juggalo-Rex Remix
-Phenomenal Phantom Alternate
-Ultimate destruction and chaos
-The amazing Juggalo brothers
-The Dark Cave (formally known as: "JUGGALO-DRAGON destruction mix vol 1" EXACT SAME THING NO DELETED SHIT THAT PISSES ROH OFF!!!) new albums by ROH are to be created.

².(real names not to be released due to TOS and privacy)
I'm listening to some Rage of Hell, I'm a fucking JUGGALO and mmfwcl mmfcl mcl eta.
by Juggalo-Rex March 08, 2009
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