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if you know anybody having that name ... like your friend or your bestie or your girlfriend or someone close to you.

you'll find them very talkative, so adorable, so cute looking and you'll start liking her when you start being closer.

she is super friendly and everybody loves to be her friend.

she is the kind of person who never wants any of her friends to be sad or depressed on her presents.

she is very joyful even when she cracks bad jokes. she is the one who stands up for her friends.
person 1:hey ragavi !

person Ragavi ?
a term to say that you are super friendly.
by Fvehhnycgkjn March 20, 2020
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The one who gets mad at you for being mad at her.
She forgot to pick me while going to the movies. Why is she being such a Ragavi about it?
by Moonbow July 02, 2017
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