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A soulful woman who strives to be the best version of herself always. A trusted friend, a good listener, and a mood changer- that's Raefah. Her smile is contagious, she'll sweep you off your feet within minutes with her radiant energy. Her inner child is very much alive, but the taste of her warm, tender, feminine lips will intoxicate you forever. She's a heart breaker without even trying to be one. Her inner beauty shines out of her eyes. She's undeniably intelligent, unmistakably organized, and quite affectionate.
This girl, Raefah, is out of this world.

Raefah called me out of the blue- not really, she's bad at keeping in touch.

My boss is called Raefah, she likes to feed us her mom's delicacies.

When Raefah looked down, part of my heart fell and hit the ground.
by Pregnant Lips May 25, 2018
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