my coolest friend ever that i hope to always keep. new her fer a while but as lil kids we dint like eachother vury much. then we dated... pretty much the friggin best ever! i wuv you rae i wanna nother chance with you!!!
i love rae shes the cooolllleeeesssttt
by zac brinegar May 22, 2008
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Rae is describing a girl that prefers sweats over skirts..jordans over high heels. Found at the club closest to the mirror with an eye on the black guys with the nice "swagga". Moody when things dont go her way but a good sales person. dark haired green eyed mexican sounding girl. Only down for a party when its conveinant for her scheduel so time doesnt get taken from her playa rep
"Hey do you guys want to hang out?"

"Lets check if raes down. dont make her mad"

by Boommmsss April 16, 2009
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rae is a shortened version of "really" except it is way cooler.
That nugget you scored is rae dank bro!
by Eliosco June 27, 2010
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When elderly hags go in to embrass eachother and they usually move too rashly, and they're breasts get stuck in between one another and they have to pull appart in a special angle to get down.
Oh fiddlesticks, we're rae'd! how do we get out of this sticky situation?
by Haggerd August 31, 2010
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A women who works at a Food store who is in charge of magazines. Normally disobays orders and likes to get on peoples nerves. Earned the nickname "Flappy" due to an unknown reason.

She should not work there as she is a vital part of a ongoing joke against another co-worker who she works under.
Person 1 - "Ohh, look who it is, Rae"

Person 2 - "Ohh no"

Person 1 - "Flappy Flappy, get the porno mags out!"
by cc2k March 30, 2009
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