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Of Polish origin meaning Happy Glory. True in the sense that he will bring such meaning into the lives of those who are lucky enough to know him. Is the type of guy who can make you laugh about anything and then makes fun of you for laughing. Believes that actions speak louder than words. He is patient and good with his hands, especially with puzzles. Usually comes with gorgeous blue eyes, a tight tush and sweet red lips that will make you miss him the second he leaves. He is generally good at sports, but only because he challenges unassuming girls.

Overall a shmuck loser that might just steal you're heart.
Can we put the subtitles on during the movie?
Wow, you're such a Radoslaw!

I just pulled a Rad move and ate all my fingernails for breakfast.

Damn Radu, you're girlfriend is hot!

I forgot, my memory is like Radoslaw's
by stankyyy February 10, 2010
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