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A guy that is immediately popular. When he walks into a building e.g. a club, every girl wants to be with him, and every guy wants to be him. He can handle his drink e.g, downing a litre of vodka on a regular basis, and can go out to a club every night. He talks about himself a lot. Stuff that may appear like he's bragging as it is so unbelievable, but it is in fact modesty, as a true "radigan" can achieve much more than a normal man. A radigan is a sort of mix between Chuck Norris, Brad Pitt and Charlie Sheen.
your're behaving very "radiganesque" tonight

just been "radiganising" the club
by Donothon Cooper January 07, 2012
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Basically an awesome guy. A Radigan is usually the one who is willing to do all kinds of retarded stuff which makes lots of people around him laugh and smile, making him very capable of making friends. He is quickly thinks of something funny about the current situation which has a 75% chance of making everyone laugh. Although he is mostly likeable, he is not one you want to mess with. Not only does he have lots of allies, but he is usually large and can take you out in one hit. Even though this is the case, you won't have a hard time getting this guy on your side.
Due to his natural insanity, Radigan squeezed a packet of hot sauce up his nose.
by Stealthssination1107 September 15, 2011
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