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Radical Centrism is a political philosophy which seeks to use pragmatism in order to arrive at the underlying benefits to approaches from the Left-wing, Right-wing, and also off the regular spectrum of American politics. By seeking to find the best possible solutions through compromise, while still producing something meaningful and un-watered down, Radical Centrism is an attempt to form a political philosophy that is purely American in origin, and ready to tackle the problems our country faces in the 21st century. There are many proponents of this approach today, including authors such as Mark Satin and Ted Halstead, as well think tanks such as the New America Project, which was founded and run by leaders of the tech industry in Silicon Valley.
Ex- John, 24, and like many of his generation, has decided to abandon a "side" in the polarized Left or Right debate in American politics, and instead choose the pragmatic view of Radical Centrism.
by wisesam January 10, 2015
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