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Origin: Canadian/Dutch. Derived from "Rad" and "Ratatouille"

1. the state of being satisfied; contentment.
2. a term of endearment and joy.
3. used to describe something excellent or outstanding.
4. the state of being uncertain; doubt; hesitancy.
5. a fair response to a your mom joke.
Brent: "this is the best sub I have ever had...radatat."

A guy calls over to a girl across the library "Hey Baby, you are my radatat."

Ryan: "Did you see that article on reddit today"
Evan: "Ya it was radatat"

Moses: "I feel so radatat about that test today"

Moses: "Hey dude can you pass me that keyboard over there?"
Alyssa: "Your mom can pass you that keyboard"
Moses: "radatat."
by K+A January 26, 2012
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