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A really nice girl that has a great sense of humor. She is very creative, plays video games, and likes to have fun (anything sexual about that is unintended :D ). Usually has dyed hair. Don't be surprised if you see Radalyn trip or fall down, she tends to be quite clumsy. When gaming, she prefers ones with a long storyline, such as The Legend Of Zelda, or God Of War. Some people might call her goth or emo, simply because of the way she might style her hair, or the way that she dresses. Definitely not a bitchy or uptight kind of girl. Her friends view her as an awesome, cute girl and a great person to be friends with, and guys can't resist her charming smile. Radalyns are very rare to come by, and most are oodles of fun bundled into a small pack--meaning that she is commonly a short person. Sometimes might shout outrageous things. Also, she would probably be a nerdy kid, but not in an overly geeky way. More of in an attractive or cool way. Altogether a very pretty girl who doesn't have to act like a popular girl or a slut to show it. All she has to do is be herself.
Guy texts: Sup gurl
Radalyn texts: Just playing some Legend Of Zelda
G: Cool. Which one?
R: The Wind Waker
G: Bitchin game
R: Too many enemies! TUGBOAT!! *i actually shouted that out loud just now xD*
G: LOL why did you say tugboat?
R: My grandma walked in the room and I didn't want to swear. And thats not funny, i had to restart from the last save point! :'(
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