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A place where pictures and videos usually aren't taken due to drunken (but not limited to...) decisions and low phone battery life (usually reserved subconsciously to make that last important drunken phone call), you know, that moment in life when you actually feel alive.
This city was originally found in the dessert of Las Vegas, Nevada but is in no way limited to this state, much like Springfield is located in several different states.

This city, consequently, does not exist on a map but in turn only exists in the mind and spirit of ones (usually drunken, easy going, fun loving, inebriated) STATE of mind.

NOTE: this term is also a branch of the famous "rack 'em Willie's" coined term "rack ball", "rack 'em", etc. to pay homage to the late James Huff, A.K.A. Rack 'em Willie
(Guy From Limousine) RACK BALL CITY!!!!!!!!!!

(On a post card) Greetings from Rack ball City

guy: How was vacation man?
guy 2: We went to RACK BALL CITY!!!!!!!!!!

by Tony Coors July 18, 2011
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