prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior

an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

Racismophobia is the fear of being seen incorrectly as a racist by normies and snowflakes for stating facts or using common sense.

Racismophobics are not racists, however they are constantly fearful of being seen as one due to societies current perversion of the word racist.
This can stop them making rational and sensible decisions and taking measures which are required for their own good or safety or the good and safety of others, making them weak and cucks to any poc, religion or ideology.

Racismophobia has now overthrown common sense, morality, economics and science in such places as the UK, where it's completely legal to marry your first cousin - keeping this practice illegal may make the political party look racist as it's predominantly Indians and Muslims who marry their first cousins. Never mind that Muslim isn't a race.
Even though birth defects are incredibly higher in babies born of parents who are first cousins, resulting in less enjoyment of life for the child and a big burden on the health system, education system and welfare system, being seen as rayciss is literally the worst thing in the world!
Boss - lock away XYZ hair products as we've just finished a stocktake and those are the ones being stolen the most.
Worker - no we can't do that, those products are used by African Americans and they might take offence to only their products being locked away..
Boss - it's got nothing to do with race, simply those products are being stolen far more than others and we are losing money. But yeah you're right, that would just look racist, I won't take corrective measures to prevent loss from my business.

Cuz raycissim is literally the worst thing in the world!

The boss is suffering from racismophobia
by SaveRealism May 24, 2017
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